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In today’s competitive market, successful self storage owners and operators focus their efforts on getting that phone to ring or a customer to walk through the door. What happens when your marketing efforts bring you more than you can handle?

When Direct Contact joins your team, you will experience a number of benefits that will not only give you peace of mind, but also another piece of the market!

Live Person vs. Answering Machine

The number one benefit Direct Contact provides their owners and operators is the ability to catch the calls your onsite staff is too busy or unavailable to answer. Whether it’s before or after operating hours, or your manager is busy with another customer, rest assured you won’t lose a prospect due to an unanswered phone.

Customer Satisfaction

Sure, your manager could have calls forwarded to his/her cell phone, but what happens when the manager is trying to help a prospect or current renter? While the Self Storage Professionals at Direct Contact keep your prospect customers from calling your competition, they also offer your customers conveniences they will appreciate including the ability to answer questions, as well as sign a rental agreement.

On-Site Training

Direct Contact Self Storage Professionals are trained on-site. Through our training program they learn the specifics about your self storage units in order to get a feel for exactly what they are selling. By understanding your key advantage points and being able to “see” your particular units, they are able to effectively sell your self storage facilities when they receive a call from a customer.

Self Storage Professionals

Some call centers simply offer an answering service, but Direct Contact provides an off-site sales team that is an extension of your storage facility. Our team not only answers the calls you aren’t able to take, but also provides an ongoing lead database. If a customer calls with questions, but isn’t ready to make a commitment, our Self Storage Professionals take their contact information and forward it to your manager for follow-up.

Direct Contact has made the process of joining your self storage facility with our sales support team quick and efficient. We have separated the process into manageable pieces:

  • As the owner/operator of your facility, you will arrange for a “call busy forward” and a “call no answer forward” on your phone line to route them to Direct Contact.
  • Direct Contact will create a dedicated phone line for each facility.

After the logistics have been finalized, your prospect customers and tenants will experience a seamless transfer to our call center.

  • If the phone is not answered on-site after 4 rings, it will be forwarded to Direct Contact.
    • Your calls will be answered by a live Self Storage Professional.
    • When a call comes into our call center, detailed information about your self storage facility will appear on our screen.
    • The call will be answered with your facility name.
    • Direct Contact Self Storage Professionals are able to answer and process calls from both prospect customers and tenants.

We have added the convenience of a special client website to our site to make it easier for you to make updates regarding availability, rates, specials, etc. When you need to make changes to your facility information, you will simply logon to our site with a user name and password and then make the changes.

This information will help our Self Storage Professionals give detailed and knowledgeable answers to questions and correctly process rental agreements.

Return On Investment

So, exactly what do you pay for the convenience of our services? Direct Contact simply charges a flat monthly rate plus a commission for the rentals we reserve for you.

As a result, you can expect to close 6-8 additional rentals per month from our leads and reservations alone. That’s a 500% or more return on investment!